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The below are samples of work I’ve done over the years.

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Media Releases

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“Providing a Mobile Solution to Emergency Public Information |” Texas Emergency Management Conference, April 2012, San Antonio, Texas

“How Social Media Impact Disaster Response” City of Houston Whole Community Pandemic and All-Hazards Summit, August 2012, Houston, Texas

“Providing a Mobile Solution to Emergency Management, Public Information: Lessons from Houston” International Association of Emergency Managers Annual Conference & Expo, October 2012, Orlando, Florida

“Social Media and Emerging Technologies in Emergency Public Information” Regional Hospital Preparedness Coalition (RHPC) Preparedness Symposium, October 2012, Galveston, Texas

“Emergency Public Information Response for an Aviation Incident” Co-Presenter, Houston/Galveston Regional PIO Network, September 2014, Houston, Texas

“Social Media Bootcamp” National Hurricane Conference, April 2015, Austin, Texas

“Online Communities and Disaster Resilience” Aging in Texas Conference, July 2015, Austin, Texas

“Emergency Public Information Systems and Structures, Lessons from Houston, New York and South Carolina” Co-Presenter, National Hurricane Conference, April 2016, Orlando, Florida

“Chemical Defense Demonstration Project” Co-Presenter, Texas Emergency Management Conference, May 2017

“Hurricane Harvey: Lessons Learned” South Carolina Emergency Management Association, February 2018